Monitoring Systems

CFT SPS Monitoring Systems

The CFT SPS is still the same system you’re used to and trust but now with some additional features.

The ability to do Remote Monitoring data capture. Done with our Cloud Based Infrastructure communicating via a GSM module that operates Real Time & reports via our server to Customer Dashboard. 

Our Data Logger is up and running and we are now able to remotely monitor the following:

  • System running, (Daily / weekly /monthly report on system operation and efficiency).

  • Duration and times system was operational (Can give daily / weekly /monthly report on this, as well as all alarms during this time).

  • Vacuum Sensor (not switch) readings (indicating filter wear) alerting on replacement due. (Allowing for preventative maintenance and a technician to get to site for service and filter replacement)

  • Pressure Sensor (not switch) alerting on obstructions and leaks. (With pre-set remotely adjustable values and Emergency Cut-off function)

  • Leak Detection (With preset remotely adjustable values and Emergency Cut-off function)

  • Tamper Alert : Should the cabinet door be opened without prior authorization (Like when someone tries to scale some fuel from the system, or try to steal the SIM Card), we would immediately be notified. (,,, and can deactivate the SIM, and override the system and action emergency response)

  • Water Alert : Should water enter the tank (Either from a leak, fuel theft attempt or poor fuel delivery) immediate alarm would be activated and action emergency response.

Added Features Include:

  • Interchangeable cabinet door. (Depending on the layout at site, the cabinet door could open in any direction)

  • All polished Stainless Steel plumbing (No galvanized steel, copper or rubber throughout the system; Including plumbing to and from the system to the tank it service)

  • Temperature control. (Extraction fan inside the cabinet will keep operating temperature of pump and system hardware to ambient temperature)

  • LED interior lighting. (Activated when the cabinet door is opened, allowing proper visibility when service / maintenance / inspection-is required)

  • Drip Tray (and some other steel components) enhanced and improved, and colour coded the same as the cabinet, and powder coated to resist diesel fuel stains.

Additional Features Include

(Already wired in and connected to server, but offered as an added value at additional cost)

  • Fuel Tank Level Monitoring; Showing tank level content to 0,25% accuracy. Density based sensor installed in bottom of the tank will give constant real-time reading of fuel level and will alarm in the event of any product added or removed from tank. Will alarm if consumption from running the generator exceed normal, or if there is any variation in tank level if generator is not running ,(eg. leak into or out of tank, new fuel deliveries theft, ect; Will also be able to validate / quantify the exact volume of fuel received with a new fuel delivery)

  • Battery Monitoring; Although Deep Sea and similar operating systems do report generator battery status to BMS, we can offer our customer (or his FM or HQ) the ability to do constant remote monitoring of this, and is able to supply historical data report on battery activity and deterioration.

  • Generator Performance; Once again, some clients might already monitor this through some other medium, but if not, or to validate, we can monitor, record and report real-time (or historically) on when and duration per session of each time the generator performed.

  • Remote Generator Start/ Stop; In the event of a Mails Fail, most generators will attempt a single start-up. Some are programmed to do 2 or 3 attempts, but if not successful, someone technician on call-out will have to go /travel there and push the START button. (,,, and often, due to air in the fuel system, cold weather, abnormal load, etc, one or two more attempts would have fired up the gennie). Our system allow remote starting and stopping (not just in case of an emergency, but also as a random system check)