Our Policies


We are committed to minimizing the impact of our activities upon the environment and accept responsibility for the potential harmful impact that our operations can have on the environment and are dedicated to reducing these effects.

We encourage our clients and suppliers, to join in on our its environmental protection efforts, by having environmental policies and management practices in place, as well communicating the importance of and encouraging environmental stewardship within its spheres of influence.

We are committed, to expanding the conservation of energy, improving energy efficiency, using market based products and mechanisms to reduce greenhouse gas emissions; being key elements for improving air quality, protecting the environment, the climate and conserving energy needs and resources. we use resources and utilize specialist technology, in all our processes and systems, which have been certified by the united states green clean institute, whose benefits are earth friendly, human-safe, and energy saving to the end user.

The key points of our strategy to achieve the above are:

• Our key function and operation is create awareness to the guaranteed negative impact that contaminated fuel poses to the environment and provide efficient environmental compliant solutions.

• Minimize waste by continually evaluating its operations and ensuring they are as efficient and environmentally sensitive as possible.

• Actively promote minimizing waste by recycling where possible, both internally and amongst our customers and suppliers.

• Comply with and or exceed environmental legislation that relates our operations.

• Comply with OHASA requirements.



We hold a level 4 BBBEErating by an independent accredited rating agency, thus enabling our clients in South Africa to claim 110 of their spend with us.

We are currently pursuing a number of structural and ownership changes that will substantially improve our current rating. our vision is to become the prime example of economic empowerment and transformation in the fuel remediation and optimization industry, through the implementation of programs and initiatives.

We are committed to both the letter and spirit of broad-based black economic empowerment (“BBBEE”). our policy is aligned to the department of trade and industry’s codes of good practice, and is supported by all levels of staff. our code of conduct ensures that our first responsibility is to our customers through the timely delivery of innovative, price competitive, quality services. we acknowledge our responsibility with regard to the communities in which the company operates and will continue to encourage and support social upliftment projects within these communities.